For All the Women Who Are Tired of Being Strong!

By Miley | Psychological Facts

Sep 21

Everyone knows her as a strong woman. Someone who can handle any situation with a smile on her face. But, no one knows she is exhausted. Yes, she is tired physiologically, psychologically, and emotionally.

Sounds familiar? You are tired of being strong. You are tired of hiding your worries behind the smile of the Super Woman. You no longer want to be seen as such.

There you are, lost and unsure of what path to choose while no one suspects you have problems. You’ve spent too much time ignoring your feelings and needs, so now you feel like you’re falling apart.

Being seen as a strong, independent, alpha woman is great, or not?

You might have never planned to be this type of woman, but life shaped you to be the person you are today. You had to face your fears and nightmares alone, as no one was there to help you get through tough times.

You had to fight your own battles alone, and that made you stronger than before.

After so many troubles and struggles, you managed to find a way out. But, now you are lost and exhausted. You wonder if you’ll ever have someone to lean on as you were there for so many people.

Everyone sees you as the strong, independent woman who doesn’t need anyone to succeed in life. They see you as someone who can do anything and everything. Someone who doesn’t need help to get what you want.

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A competent, steady, and sure-footed woman.

But, the truth is you desperately need someone to share the burden you are carrying for so long. Anyone who will understand your worries and offer a hand to help. Someone who will support you and take care of you in the days when you feel like you can’t do it anymore.

You feel like you’ve been trying to prove everyone that you’re strong your entire life. And, that being strong is enough. The high expectations and ignored emotions have made you tired today.

You feel pale and worn-out.

Being strong all the time means suppressing your thoughts, desires, and emotions. It means not sharing your problems with others as you feel you are supposed to be there to support them, and not laying a burden on them.

It means keeping the problems and worries to yourself, and suppressing them until you find time to solve them by yourself. You never asked for help, as you thought you are able to handle everything on your own.

And, you didn’t want others to see you as needy or desperate. Now, you have reached a breaking point. Suddenly, you want to shout out “Help!”

You can no longer carry this burden on your shoulders all alone. You NEED someone to give you strength to move on. Yes, you need someone, and that’s perfectly normal. It’s ok not to be so strong all the time.

You can finally share your worries and thoughts and struggles with someone. It’s ok to have weak moments sometimes – you are human!

You are tired of trying to avoid being vulnerable.

You want someone to take care of you, but not financially. You want strong hands that will hold you down during the craziest storms.

You no longer need to be strong. You need to be taken care of by someone. And, that’s nothing to be ashamed of. It doesn’t make you weak, but even stronger than before. Stronger in a way you didn’t know by now – it’s called love.

You no longer want to be strong for everyone. Just let that person hold you and take care of you.