Every Woman Deserves a Loyal Man

By Gabriela | Love & Relationship

Sep 28
Every Woman Deserves a Loyal Man Like This One

A loyal man isn’t that rare these days, he is out there, or if we are lucky, he is right next to us. But, how to recognize a loyal man? How to know if we are the lucky one?

It is time we open our eyes and find out what we have, or if we are single, what to look for in a man. A loyal man will make us feel like we are the most gorgeous women no matter how many women are in the same room.

With him, we will never doubt ourselves because he will be the one that will encourage us to respect and love ourselves. A loyal man once you are together will delete all his dating applications.

Also, he will delete numbers from old flings since he will realize that he does not need those numbers anymore. He won’t change you for no one in the world.

With you, he doesn’t need a backup plan if your relationship falls apart. Why? Because he believes that both of you were meant to last a lifetime, and he firmly believes that it shall be like that.

You and he will be forever. A loyal man doesn’t care only about making love. He truly values you for your sense of humor, personality, and brains. He loves spending time with you no matter what you do.

He knows that intimacy is not being naked, but listening carefully to each other, holding hands, cuddling and loving every inch of your partner.

A loyal man thinks and cares about you even if you are not together and you are not around. He is the one who sends texts or calls you when he is out with his friends because you are still his priority.

During the day he checks in with you just to ensure that you are okay, he asks if you have eaten anything and if you feel fine. He provides with attention every day and not only when you are together.

He shows you off, so everyone will know that you are a couple. A loyal man introduces you to his family and closest friends.

When there are work events at his office, he always brings you and his coworkers already know your name and things about you. He is proud to stand by your side and be your man.

He answers all your questions without wanting to avoid the uncomfortable conversation. He always tells you the truth even when he knows that it might be hard to say and hear.

He respects you and knows that you need to know the truth and nothing but the truth. He tells you everything. He has morals; a loyal man doesn’t believe in manipulation, cheating or lying.

He doesn’t make excuses for people who have been unfaithful, because that would be a stupid thing to do to the love of your life. He believes no one should be cheated on.

He never hides things from you, and always gives you the full tour when it comes to his psyche. He allows you to see his ugly side which he usually hides from everyone else.

He believes that you should know every inch of him. A loyal man is vulnerable when with you, he isn’t ashamed of that, and he talks about his feelings.

He is a person you can completely trust. When a loyal man comes back home later than expected, you do not worry about things which might have happened while he was gone, because you trust him.

You know that he was either working extra hours or got stuck in traffic or simply lost time when out with his friends. You do not get paranoid because you trust him, you trust him enough to know that he would never hurt you, never in a million years.

And for that, you love him because he is your man and he is undoubtedly the one.

Final Thoughts

If you have such a man next to you, appreciate him and never let him go, because you are one lucky woman. If you are single and looking, please never settle for anything less, you, my dear, and every woman in this world deserves this type of man.

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