What Always Happens When a Woman Loves with All Her Heart

By Gabriela | Love & Relationship

Sep 12
This Is What Always Happens When a Woman Loves with All Her Heart

She wakes up early in the morning, and she does the same things, and until he sees another day goes by. She is in a relationship in which he isn’t sure about, a relationship which isn’t going anywhere. Sounds familiar?

Are you in a relationship just for the sake to be in one? You try to be positive about everything, you do your best to love, but it all doesn’t make any sense to you.

What is missing? You ask yourself although you know the answer. You miss that inexplicable, extraordinary feeling of being in love, of loving someone for everything they are.

Every day is the same, nothing happens. And then out of the blue, you meet her. Who is she? She is that woman who understands your heart. You knew there was something special about her from the second your eyes met.

You recognized her soul; you wanted her so badly, so madly. She is the one who isn’t scared to expose her soul to you and be who she truly is. She is the woman who loves with all her heart and soul. She loves you with everything she is.

With her love, she will open your heart to the things you were scared of. She will be the one that will make you aware of your most honest and deepest emotions.

She will expose your vulnerability and show you that real, unconditional love does exist.

And that yes, it always occurs when you least expect it. This woman will be the one who will reveal her deepest, darkest sides. She will trust you will all she is and all her secrets, and will want to know yours.

This woman will listen to you and make you realize that your fragile heart is safe with her. But do not underestimate her, she loves with all her heart, but she is a warrior.

This unique, one-of-a-kind woman never gave up on love, and she will never give up on you.

In the past, she was hurt, but she didn’t allow that to change her for the worst.

This woman knows that the only way you can experience true love is by giving love unconditionally and that is why she isn’t scared of being the one who cares more.

This woman will not hesitate to say those 3 magical words: “I love you.” As humans, the biggest power we have is the power to love. Love is the most influential force in the world.

With her, you will get those butterflies people to talk about, and you read about in films and novels. With her, you will experience that love you only see in films and the love we all know that comes only once in a lifetime.

With her, you will wonder if you ever loved before. With her, you will know what love is. And she, she will be creative in the ways she shows you how she feels about you, she will talk about her feelings in ways you have never heard of before.

And do you know what is most important here? The fact that she will love you for who you really are. She won’t try to change you; she will love you for all your imperfections.

This amazing woman will make you forget about all your pain by loving you and making you smile even when you want to cry.

She will love you even on those days when you don’t love yourself. She will teach you how to love yourself. She will possess this loving and pure heart you cannot ignore.

She will teach you that it is vital to love and accept yourself in order to be able to love and accept someone else. She will never give up on you, and she will love you as you have never been loved before in your life.

When you fall in love with this woman, that is when you will know what true love is. And If you have such woman in your life, never let her go!

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