6 Most Common Traits of Toxic People Everyone Should Know

By Nadica | Lifestyle

Sep 26

Toxic people, we hear that term more and more these days but what does it really mean? What is a toxic person? It is an individual who has a self-entitlement and negative outlook on life.

They are very manipulative, and you usually realize who they are when it is already too late. They are the happiest when other people face loss and misery. They even ensure that people around them will face such things.

Sounds horrible, right? Now that you know the definition of a toxic person can you tell if you have such a person in your life?

In case you do not know such person, at some point in your life you surely will come across such a toxic person who will fit this description.

Coping with such a person can be draining and hard. As a matter of fact it might challenge what you already know about who you are and push your buttons. How to recognize such a person? All you need to know is the traits.

Traits of Toxic People

#1 Toxic People Are Inconsistent

They are never the same person; they change in a blink of an eye. They might change their behavior, perspective, and attitude based on what they believe they need to accomplish. When they need or want something from you, they are kind.

#2 They Are Manipulative

The main goal of toxic people is to get you to do what they want. It all revolves around them. For them, it is normal to use other people in order to get what they want. Equality is not a word in their dictionary.

#3 It Is All About Them

Toxic people aren’t interested in things which matter to you. They aren’t caring or supportive. As a matter of fact, when good things happen to you, they feel as you are taking away the spotlight. They will never be happy for you.

#4 Around Them You Have to Defend Yourself

Toxic people find it hard to stay on about specific problems, most likely because they are not interested in your perspective on things.

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They are big manipulators. Usually, they try to divert the focus of the discussion on why and how you talk about the issue. They will mention your words and tone.

Remember something about toxic people; they are the ones who concentrate on problems and not on solutions.

#5 Toxic People Do Not Apologize

For these people it is always someone else’s fault, it is never theirs. Do not expect them to apologize since they always play the victim.

#6 Toxic People Are Judgmental

One thing these people know how to do is criticize. They always have something to say about the things you haven’t done and the things you have done. There is always something they will comment about you.

They will do it when you are happy, they will criticize you out of the blue. Why? Because they hate seeing you happy.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this article was useful for you and that now you know more about toxic people and their traits. These people are draining, and encounters with them can only leave you emotionally fatigued.

When you spend time with them all you do is take care of their issues and business, and that can leave you feeling unfulfilled and frustrated. Do not allow to become drained due to only giving and not getting nothing in return.

Sure, you might feel for them, but understand that it all revolves around negativity. Once you notice this, you must cut ties.

Respect yourself enough to do that, your energy and time are needed for your life and not theirs.