11 Things That Make a Man Gentleman

By Gabriela | Love & Relationship

Sep 12
11 Things That Make a Man Gentleman

Have you met a man recently and thought that they are true gentlemen? This rarely happens. You see the whole idea of being a gentleman grew out of the traditions of knighthood.

This happened in a dangerous time in history. And yes the concepts of honor and knighthood have long been out of fashion. But some of the behaviors from that time still mean a lot.

The core concepts of the gentleman and of knight are similar, they show mercy and compassion, and being courteous to others. But how does a true gentleman act nowadays? Read on to find out.

And if you have such a man in your life we advise you never never to let them go, they are rare.

11 Behaviors of a True Modern Gentleman


#1 A True Gentleman Keeps His Word

In case he says that he is going to do something or be somewhere, a true gentleman does it. This is simple, all they need to do is keep their word.

#2 Waits for Other People to Get Their Food and Then Eats

This might not seem like a big thing to you, but it actually is. You see when in a restaurant a true gentleman will wait for everyone to get their food and then eat. This shows courtesy and patience.

 #3 A True Gentleman Helps His Lady Be Seated

He pulls out her seat and helps her move it closer to the table. This is rare nowadays, but it means a lot.

#4 A True Gentleman Isn’t Rude to People

Being polite is important. That doesn’t cost a thing and also shows that you are able to restrain your emotions. In addition, it shows basic respect and empathy for the people around you.

#5 A True Gentleman Doesn’t Kiss and Tell

No one needs to know how things are for both of you in the bedroom and how freaky it can get. Keeping these things to yourself is important. A true gentleman knows that.

#6 A True Gentleman Is Always On Time

A true gentleman respects everyone’s time and shows up at the time he says he is going to be there, he never leaves other people waiting.

#7 A True Gentleman Gets Things Done

He finds it no hard to make dinner or change a baby’s diaper. He knows and gets things done.

#8 A True Gentleman Is Courteous

Some phrases such as “thank you” and “please” can go a long way. A gentleman knows that, and that is how he shows respect and courtesy for people around him.

This costs you nothing, but at the same time, it helps you earn points in people around you.

#9 A True Gentleman Is Attentive

When someone is talking, he listens carefully. He pays attention to what people say, and he remembers. He makes sure to always look at the speaker.

#10 A True Gentleman Opens Doors

He holds the door for people to go in. He always opens it for women and lets them go first.

#11 A True Gentleman Doesn’t Hit Women

A true gentleman respects women, and he would do such a thing. Do you have a gentleman in your life? If you do, keep him.

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