4 Effective Strategies to Stop Overthinking and Create Peace of Mind

By Miley | Psychological Facts

Sep 11

Don’t we all need a peace of mind? To be in a state where we are mentally and emotionally calm, happy and free, without worrying about anything.

But, somehow we can’t stop us from worrying and thinking about every single thing in our life:

Did I say something wrong? Will I meet the deadline? How are my children? What will I wear tomorrow? Does he still love me?

However, some people tend to overanalyze everything. They simply can’t stop themselves from overthinking, and that can really exhaust them to the point of depression.

By overanalyzing everything, they spot the imperfections in their words and deeds, which increases their stress levels and lowers their self-confidence.

Luckily, the human being is an adaptable creature, so you can pick up new, healthier habits that will help you increase your peace of mind.

Here are some of the best techniques which will help you stop overthinking and quiet your mind.

4 Strategies to Quiet Your Mind

1. Focus on the Positive

There are so many things going on in your life and surrounding that create confusion and chaos in your mind. You are faced with the harsh realities of life every day, so you let the negative thoughts consume your mind.

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But, you should shift your focus to the good things in your life. Pay more attention to the people and things that make you happy, and be grateful for having them. In this way, you will teach your brain to think more positively, which in turn, will help you feel more peaceful and satisfied.

2. Say Peaceful Words to Yourself Every Day

What do you think about right now? Observe your thoughts and see if they are focused on the things you have to do today, what someone said to you that made you feel down or angry, or negative thoughts about yourself.

Although it’s not easy to maintain a positive mindset around so much negativity, you should try to counter degrading, negative thoughts by repeating a few peaceful, stress-relieving words.

They are “love,” “calm,” “tranquil,” “serenity,” “peaceful,” “light,” “relaxing,” “beach,” and “breeze.” The last two words describe a scenery which can calm you down.

So, the next time you feel anxious, repeat these words and believe in them. By doing this regularly, you will train your mind to think positively and stop the stressing overanalysis.

3. Live in the Moment

This means focusing on the present and forgetting about the bills you have to pay the next week or the errands you have to do tomorrow. Live in the moment and don’t think about the uncertainty of your future, as you’re not there yet.

In this way, you relieve your mind from the biggest and most common everyday worries, thus preventing stress, anxiety, and depression. So, the next time you start to overanalyze, bring yourself back to the present.

4. Meditate

A simple meditation will help you slow down your thoughts and even stop them from bombarding your consciousness all the time. You’ll focus on the here and now, by breathing slowly and deeply with closed eyes.

You’ll only exist while listening to your breath going in and coming out of your mouth and nose. If you can meditate, at least sit quietly and do nothing for a while. Just sit and pay attention to your breath for 10 minutes every day.

By doing this regularly, you’ll adopt it as a habit that will help you increase your peace of mind.