3 Signs Someone Is In a Toxic Relationship!

By Nadica | Lifestyle

Sep 27

Sometimes, people can be in a relationship that causes more pain and stress than happiness. As a result, they are anxious and sad. And, that’s not how anyone is supposed to feel in their relationship.

Does your partner criticize you constantly? If you notice that your partner belittles you when they are stressed, then it is about time you realize that you have a problem. Your problem is that you are in a toxic relationship.

You see, in life, some of the most toxic people come disguised as romantic partners, friends, and family. And it is impossible to keep a healthy life while being in a toxic relationship which is also inevitably exhausting.

You should understand that a toxic relationship can have a significant impact on your life. If you are in a poisonous relationship, your well-being will suffer.

Understand that co-workers, bosses, family members, friendships, and marriages can be toxic to your overall health. If you are in such relationship or someone you know is, there are 3 signs below that is time to do something about it.

Time to face reality.

3 Warning Signs You Are In a Toxic Relationship and You Must Do Something About It

#1 They Are Constantly Hurting You

Accept the situation as it is, do not sugarcoat things. Do not criticize or judge the other person because this can only make you feel lonely or tense.

Be prepared to have a period of disappointment because you cannot get along with them. They might say that they are doing nothing to hurt you, but the pain you feel inside says differently.

Sure, you can block their emails or texts and avoid them, but this won’t solve the problem. In order to deal with such a person, you need to admit to yourself that they are toxic and so is your relationship.

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That is how you would have the opportunity to take measures about the problems you have. And just by accepting the reality, the relationship will soften. You might get the wisdom you need to solve your issues.

#2 Things Don’t Improve on Their Own

If you realize that things do not improve, then you should stop living a lie that you are in a healthy relationship. Pretending that is everything okay won’t solve anything.

Face reality and talk with your partner about this. Sure, you need to be brave in order, to tell the truth, but know that inevitably the truth will make your partner angry.

They will be mad at you no matter what you say or do; they are toxic, it is part of their personality. They won’t like hearing the truth, but you must tell the truth. You know what they say – the truth will set you free.

#3 If There Is Any Abuse, It Is Dangerous

If you fear your safety then things are out of control. You might be in denial; you might have been threatened by your partner to not talk about the abuse. Or you may have been humiliated about the what goes on.

You need to proceed with great caution. Understand that you need to be in a safe place. Talk about your problem with abuse protection organizations and local shelters.

Declare the severity of the problem openly and take significant steps towards solving things and living a healthier, calmer and happier life. You deserve better than this.