8 Things a Highly Sensitive Person Needs to Be Happy

By Gabriela | Lifestyle

Sep 10

We all have a close person who is highly sensitive. In fact, many of us are that person. Well, regardless if it is about us or someone we know, there are a few things we must learn about them. It’s about time things finally make sense.

Highly sensitive people process different information deeply, and that is why they truly experience the world differently in comparison to others. You see, for them, stories and images of violence can be heartbreaking and excruciating.

Bright lights, sudden loud noises, and a busy schedule can rattle with their sensitive side profoundly. Highly sensitive people need different things in life in order to be happy in comparison to those who aren’t highly sensitive.

Below you will find out about 8 such things. However, you should understand that every highly sensitive person is different, so these things might not stand for every single one of the highly sensitive people in the world.

Things Which Will Make a Highly Sensitive Person Happy

#1 A Simpler and Slower Pace of Life

They do process info deeply so that they might move slower in comparison to others.  Yes, they might need more time to do some tasks, such as getting out of bed in the morning or getting out of the house. They need more time in order to make the decision even if it is about simple things.

Decisions like which item to get at the grocery store. It is like that since they aren’t only focusing on the many choices but also on the price, the way they feel about the item and the nutrition info.

#2 They Need Time to Adjust to Changes

Yes, transitions are hard for everyone, but when it comes to highly sensitive people, they get into a bundle of overwhelm and stress.

You see for them even positive changes, such as moving into their dream home or getting into a new fulfilling and loving relationships might need an extra-long time of adjustment and can be overstimulating.

#3 Food Is Important to Them

Hunger can mess with the concentration or mood of a sensitive person. They need to have healthy meals, which will be spaced regularly during the day.

#4 Time to Relax After a Long, Busy Day

Highly sensitive people always need time on their own it is how they function. Their sensitive nervous system actually absorbs too much info. So they might get worn out after a long, busy day. They need time to relax in order to restore their sanity.

#5 They Need to Have a Strong Sense of Purpose

Some people drift through life without any purpose or direction, and this for people who are highly sensitive is unthinkable. They think very deeply about things in life. Why are they here, with what purpose, who are they, how have they contributed for this world?

Sensitive people crave meaning regardless if it is traveling the world, writing a novel or leading the way for some cause they really believe in.

#6 They Are Happy When Their Loved Ones Respect and Understand Their Sensitive Nature

Most people aren’t highly sensitive, and they do not understand what is like to get stressed out by a busy weekend, a startling noise or a violent scene in a film. Not everyone will understand that, and it is okay.

However, a person who is highly sensitive needs at least a couple of people who understand this side of them, usually they need their closest people to understand them.

They want someone who will not only get it but who will help them in time of the overstimulation. “Okay, let’s leave this party if you are overstimulated. We do not have to stay! Your well-being is all I care about.” And someone who sees their sensitive side as a great gift.

#7 They Need Meaningful and Close Relationships

Highly sensitive people crave deep connections with other people. They get restless and bored in relationships which lack a meaningful bond. But, this does not mean that they are prone to relationship hopping. Instead, they work harder to make a meaningful interaction with their partner.

This means that they are selective about who they let into their life. They do not want a give and take surface level relationship. They want to connect with you on a profound level; they want to dive deep into your soul.

#8 A Good Night Sleep Is Everything to Them

We all know that a lack of sleep can make anyone unproductive, cranky and sloppy. However, for highly sensitive people that can easily make life unbearable. Getting enough sleep allows them to deal with their emotions.

We hope that these things can help you to better a understand a close one who is a highly sensitive person, regardless if it is your partner, son or brother. So, if you are a highly sensitive person, which of these things above mentioned are familiar to you?

Don’t be afraid to open about this; your experience might help someone else.

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