How to Recognize a Truly Evil Person

By Miley | Psychological Facts

Sep 25

How can we know we are dealing with an evil person? The first thing that comes to our mind is someone who’s wicked, immoral, depraved, or sick. But, in real life evil people are hard to recognize.

They are everywhere, yet we can’t see them. Often, it’s the person we least expect.

So, here are a few signs that will help you recognize a truly evil person in your life.

10 Warning Signs That Someone Is Evil

1. They Feel Good When Seeing Misfortune

Evil people have such a twisted mind that they see the misfortunate as something thrilling and satisfying. Whether that’s some dramatic situation in front of them or tragic event on the news, they feel good. They enjoy the bad feelings of others.

That’s why it’s risky to be around such people who are capable of creating a misfortunate situation for you just to feel good.

2. They Are Control Freaks

These people like to control you, just like they want to control every aspect of their life. Otherwise, they feel powerless and uncomfortable.

This might make them look polite, punctual, and concise, but once you let them get closer, they’ll try to make you just like them. Their goal is to control your life by controlling how you feel on the inside.

3. They Live a Life of Lies

Everyone lies, but evil people are liars. Some of them lie about you and other people, but others lie constantly, pathologically, sometimes without even been aware of it.

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They use lies as a way to manipulate you into thinking that reality is different than it actually is. They want you to see a reality that’s convenient for them.  And, if you catch them lying, they will try to gaslight you.

4. They Mislead You

Evil people get power by controlling reality. In that way, they can conform to their trivial needs and desires. They’ll try to mislead you about everything in your life, including themselves, yourself, and those around you.

They could use lying, misquoting, twisting the facts, and stretching the truth as tools to mislead you. You can see that when you have trouble believing or understanding their (imagined) world.

5. They Have No Remorse

Not only that evil people enjoy in others’ misfortunate, lie, and try to control your life, they are not even sorry for the things they’ve said or did. That’s because they are remorseless.

Even if you try to make them apologize, they will do whatever it takes to trick you into believing that the reality you know is not true. They never admit their mistakes or apologize for their deeds.

6. They Are Cruel

Evil people hurt their loved ones, their friends, their children, their spouses. They can even hurt animals. They simply take joy out of others’ pain and misfortune. And, they will never stop doing it, so you better find a way to get away as soon as possible.

7. They Are Irresponsible

Evil people do as they please and they never take responsibility for the pain or trouble they’ve caused to other people. In fact, they redirect the blame as soon as they sense it’s coming.

They are willing to shift the blame to anyone, and can even use their manipulative skills to make the other person apologize for their mistakes.

8. They Are Fair-Weather Friends

Evil people are here for their friends only when things are going well for them. But, as soon as things turn sour, they are nowhere to be seen.

9. They Are Manipulators

These people are kind to you only when they need something out of you, whether that’s a favor, money, or one-night stand. But, if someone is truly kind they won’t expect anything in return.

Evil people use their manipulative skills to make you think they really care about you, while the reality is totally different. They can even play the victim just to make you feel sorry about them and give them what they need.

10. They Belittle Others

Evil people often belittle other people’s appearance, hopes, interests, friends, goals, dreams, house, body, partner, you name it. They can change your opinion about others around you, as well as yourself.

Their goal is to make you feel worthless because that’s the only way they can feel superior.

No matter how intense, persistent, fake, and clingy the evil person is, you can always remove them from your life. Don’t let them change your mind and free yourself from them as soon as possible.

You will never succeed to change them, so don’t bother to try even when they use every tool available to make you stay.