4 Reasons Why Physical Touch Is Important for People

By Gabriela | Lifestyle

Sep 26
4 Reasons Why Physical Touch Is Important for People

Physical touch is actually a sense we discard as one of our senses, which we believe is one of the lesser-used, as people tend to favor more hearing and vision.

But there is more than physical touch than we know. For instance, there is something very intense when you hug your friends or lover; and there is something great about hugging a baby, right?

When you think about it, touch can be tremendous. Want to know why? Read on to find out.

4 Reasons Why Physical Touch Is Huge


#1 Touch Helps with Communication

When was the last time you rested your hand on another person’s shoulder or arm? Were you having coffee or lunch? Were you laughing about something?

You see, when you touch someone, it initiates a connection which helps us in communicating our dreams and desires, our failures and defeats, our dramas and exaggerations and successes.

Just think of one happy moment in your life. Maybe when you got accepted in college, got proposed of discovered ou were pregnant. You were probably hugging with someone, and you remember that moment of joy and you will for the rest of your life.

The intensity and love at that moment due to the hugging will always be in your memory and heart.

#2 Physical Touch Helps You to Bond to Other People

The sense of physical being is the thing that provides you with emotions.

The closeness we have with other people such as strangers and the loved ones begins to tickle those feelings, and when you initiate a hug or a handshake with a friend or a stranger, it triggers different feelings.

However, it is the way we bond with others, whether that bond is anxiety, fear, happiness or love. Try it, the more you hug with your loved one, the better you will feel about yourself.

#3 Physical Touch Helps You Heal

Once you think more, you will realize that it makes sense. You see, acupuncture and massage which involve touch have been used for many years now as a remedy.

A father’s or mother’s touch and lifting can quickly calm a crying baby. You have never thought of physical touch in that way, right?

#4 Touch Helps to Receive and Give Positive Energy

Positive contact such as a hug can affirm your closeness and release the feel-good hormone also known as oxytocin. Physical touch can make you feel better by receiving and also giving positive energy through touch.

Did you know that physical touch can have such a remarkable power?

You see, there are times for instance, during intense fear of grief and also in ecstatic moments of love and joy that your language of touch can completely express what you honestly feel.

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