The Person We Need to Be in This World Full of Chaos

By Gabriela | Inspiration

Sep 12
This Is The Person You Need to Be in This World Full of Chaos

As kids, we loved the idea of being a grown up and an independent person. We saw the world as a big and colorful playground. But, as we grew up, we saw that this world can be cruel as well.

The harsh truth is that as you grow up your heart will break and you will have to face disappointments, farewells, and rejections. You cannot make people stay, and at the end of the day, you will have to be your own hero.

You will have to save and pick yourself from the ground. You will be the one who will make yourself to get up in the morning and be productive and strong. The world will break you down and will take some parts of you which mean a lot to you.

But don’t get disappointed because here is want you need to know. Every single time when the world gets bad and whatever the worlds offers – you should be the exception of the rule.

What does that mean? That means that you should always try to be the one who won’t be afraid to love. The one who won’t be scared to text someone first and ask if they are fine or not.

Try to be the one who always reaches people without feeling guilty. Be that person who admits to others that you miss them and who always cares.

Do not be afraid to be vulnerable. Be brave to ask for help if you need it. Be open, and that is the only way you will share the weight of the world with someone else.

Do not be ashamed of being alone or broken, be the one who accepts or admits that you need time to heal. Be the one who understands that it is okay if you need time.

Be that person who embraces the agony and sadness of being broken. Be that person who is brave to feel emotions and accept that is what makes us human. Be that person who doesn’t judge the emotions of other people and yours as well.

Be brave enough to feel. Be that person who loves their partner with whole heart but sets them free at the same time. Yes, the one who loves their partner without needing to own them.

The one who loves without begging their partner to stay. The one who knows to let people go. My dear, try to be that person who thinks that what goes around comes back around.

Be that individual who thinks that those people who are meant to be in your life will always find their way back to you. That you will always give 100 percent love to your partner.

Be that individual who always loves more, even in situations where it is risky and scary. Be the one who loves with a whole heart, although there is a risk of rejection and loss. Be that individual who forgives.

That mature person who doesn’t blame others for things which occur to you. A person who understands that all past relationships and trusting the wrong people are actually lessons you had to go through.

Be that person who gives without expecting things in return. Why do you need to be like this? Why do you need to be the exception of the rule? It is because the world needs to have more people just like you.

You should know that the intense love you can give is not a sign that you are weak. No! It is a sign that you are strong, strong enough to love honestly.

People will know you as a person who lives and loves without hesitation. You will be someone’s inspiration, and you shall gain someone’s respect for your brave heart. You will be known as someone who makes other people feel good about themselves.

And in this cruel world, you will be that spot of light and hope, which will show people that there is a good and positive side of the world.

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