The One Who Really Wants to Be Part of Our Life Will Find a Way

By Gabriela | Love & Relationship

Sep 28
The One Who Really Wants to Be Part of Your Life Will Find a Way

When we love someone, they tend to come across our mind on a daily basis. We probably remember all the times we stayed up late talking about their issues, goals, and life.

Maybe a thought comes across your mind about all the fun times you had together. To this individual, you gave your time, energy and love. You gave them every single piece of you because they were the world to you.

Because of them, you wanted to be and do better in life. Because of them, you wanted more from life. You did it for them because they were the world to you. The sentence that hurts here is “they were.”

They aren’t by your side, although you needed them. Next time, my dear, think twice before putting a person first who apparently doesn’t do the same thing for you.

You see, although to you they were a priority and you thought of them regularly when it comes to them it is not the same. You are not a priority and a constant thought, to them you are popping on their mind here and there.

To them, things got boring and were no longer exciting. You may only spend time on an individual until they decide the way to return it. They might decide when to give you love, but you can decide when you will stop waiting for it.

You see, you are not a priority to them, as you thought you were. Sure, they will tell that they will be there for you no matter what, but not how you want it and not when you want it.

In a way, you will always fear that your love will fade and you will lose that person. The reality is that just the reason that you are not a priority should be good enough to let them go.

Sure, you think that there is no ideal person or a relationship. But the truth is that every single relationship will get boring after some time.

But people need to understand that love isn’t an emotion, in fact, it is a commitment. A commitment to love every single day – emotionally and physically. Yes, it can be hard, but it also can have good times.

You see, most people quit when it is no longer fun, and they look for something else, someone else of something more. They say that the spark is gone. But true love doesn’t function like that.

Do you want somebody to love you unconditionally and never give up on you no matter what? Well, you must do the same then. You need to be the change you want to see in your partner.

You need to love your partner even in times when you do not want to do that. You need to love your partner even when they are hard to love.

You see, my dear, if that someone special to you, really wanted to be in your life, they would. Sometimes, you need to let actions speak, and that is how you will see how important you really are to them.

You deserve to be someone’s priority, someone’s world and first and last thought in the morning. You live only once so never settle for less. You deserve to receive as much as you give and even more. Remember that, my dear, and wipe up those tears.

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