The Reason Why We Should Spend Money on Trips and Not Things

By Gabriela | Lifestyle

Sep 21
This Is Why You Should Spend Money on Trips and Not Things

We all know the old saying that money cannot buy our happiness. To some point it’s true. However, the reality is that money can contribute to our joy in various ways. Right?

The truth is that nowadays we are constantly seeking instant gratification. We all want to have the greatest and certainly the latest technology even when we are satisfied with what we have at the moment.

But, satisfaction doesn’t last too long, and we seek other ways to be happy. Regardless if we are buying the greatest television or the newest phone on the market, we will be happy.

However, that happiness will disappear eventually. And you should know that experiences have the opposite effect.

In case you plan a vacation on some great destination, at first, it might look like a big financial burden. But once you experience that destination, you will understand that is worth all the money.

When you think about it, you will understand that it is true, because 7 years from now you won’t talk about the phone you bought but about the great adventure you had.

This all makes sense right? Well read on and find out why it is more reasonable to spend money on experiences and trips.

3 Reasons Why It Is Better to Spend Your Money On Experiences and Trips

Reason #1 You Will Talk About the Trips You Had For Years to Come

Regardless of whether you will go on a vacation with your partner, friends or family members, you will always talk about how it was.

You can spend thousands of dollars on the latest technology which you will enjoy for 2 years until it gets outdated. Or you can spend money on traveling and experience the world at first hand.

Surely you will be happier and fulfilled when you will get a new point of view on a different country, state, city or village that will have you talking about the place for many years to come.

Reason #2 – Nature Was And Always Will Be the Best Experience

Understand that it isn’t necessary to spend thousands of dollars in order to have a great experience. Nowadays we live a busy life, and even a short break to the closest village, park, and lake can mean a lot.

Do not think about anything, just observe the nature around you and breathe. The fact that you will able to do that will change your point of view on life. Go alone, and you will come back even stronger.

Because hey, if you could go on a short trip by yourself imagine all the things you can do.

Reason #3 – Experiences Are Meaningful

Yes, yes, you probably think that you cannot travel because you have no money. Yes, the reality is that money might be tough to come across these days. We all try to save money, and yet we still have one big vacation every year.

Why? Because vacation is something which matters to us. When on vacation you will have time to rest which you need after working every day, and you will change your everyday routine.

It doesn’t matter if it is a weekend getaway or one week trip it is those moments that you shall cherish. Those experiences make money seem meaningless.

Final Thoughts

My dear, if you’re genuinely looking and wishing to live a more fulfilling life and create many memories, then you should experience new things and not buy new things.

You know what they say about traveling, it is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Take some time and create your own experiences, make short trips and see if this is what makes you happy.

You will find out that money cannot buy your happiness, for that you need to experiences new things.

And remember, my dear, we travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.

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