An Open Letter to My Best Friend Who’s Always There for Me!

By Gabriela | Inspiration

Sep 19
An Open Letter to My Best Friend Who's Always There for Me! 1

Dear Best Friend,
Here’s something I want to say out loud. Something I want all people to know. And, something I’m most certain of. If not, the thing I’m most sure about in my entire life. Thanks for being my friend. Thanks for being the person you are.

You know I can bare my soul to you. You’ve always been there for me, waiting for me with open arms when things get rough.

You’ve never let me down, and I know you couldn’t. You know me to my inner core, and you know my thoughts better than myself. You are always there for every tear, smile, breakup, hookup, birthday, mental breakdown, etc.

You know how fragile I am so you never fail to catch me when I begin to fall.

You’ve become my safety net. My best decision in a life full of wrong choices. Our friendship is a definition of honest, unconditional love. You know what my next movement is before I even do it.

I love you, and I know you know that. You are there when I’m about to crash and burn. You know what my intentions are so you never question them. I know your loyalty is true, so I never doubt it.

You are there whenever there’s a new person in my life. And, you never fail to let me know that I like that person even more than I thought, or that they are not good enough. I love you for holding me to a high standard.

I love you for believing in me in a way that inspires me to be even better and not disappoint you.

You were always there to show me what I do right and wrong in my relationships. When they broke my heart, you were the one to stop me from getting drunk and sleeping with the first person I see.

When I didn’t believe I’ll make it, you believed for the both of us. You always try to cheer me up when I’m down, and you always succeed.

You never get tired of telling me I should never accept anything less than I deserve.

You are an example of the type of person I want to be. Now, I know I don’t want to hang out with any person; I want to be surrounded by people with values like yours. You keep pushing me forward even when you are not physically here.

It’s your voice in my head that’s telling me not to give up. You are the one that opens my eyes to see I’m not the problem, but others. You are the one that always points out my best qualities, making sure I never lose my confidence.

You make me a better person.

In a world so chaotic, I know I’ll be fine each day because I know I’m not alone. I have you by my side even when you’re physically away.

We both know we’ll be there to the very end. You are the Captain America to my Bucky. The Rachel to my Monica. The SpongeBob to my Patrick.

I know what we two have is special, and strong, and beautiful, and inspiring, and for always. And, I respect you for that.

Thank you for being my best friend!

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