It’s OK If a Woman No Longer Needs the Man That Taught Her How to Be Alone

By Gabriela | Love & Relationship

Sep 26
Ladies, It’s OK to No Longer Need the Man That Taught You How to Be Alone

Ladies, it’s ok to stop counting on the man that ignored everything for too long. He is no longer the first one to call when something good or bad happens. That’s in the past now. He was never there anyway.

The same man taught you that he wouldn’t show up, so you started counting on someone else.

It’s ok to spend more time with your friends than with him. That’s because he taught you that he is not interested in spending time with you. He was never there, so now you don’t expect him to be present.

He doesn’t listen when you speak, so he never remembers the things you say. He is never interested to know about your feelings and problems. In other words, he doesn;t care if you’re happy or not.

He taught you that he would never care about you as your friends do.

Ladies, it’s ok to start planning things without him as he was always saying no to your plans and ideas. He taught you to plan a future without him. He made you know that he doesn’t want to be in your plans. He never wanted to see the world through your eyes.

It’s ok not to miss him when he is gone. He taught you how not to miss him by giving you the feeling that he never missed you.

His absence never made a difference to you. You never felt like you add meaning to his life. He never showed you he missed you. He never told you.

It’s ok to ignore him now after been ignored for so many years. You have always been the one compromising. You’ve always changed your plans for him. You’ve always been the one who tried harder.

You’ve always invested in your relationship more until you realized it’s a bad investment.

Ladies, it’s ok to start drifting away. You remember who you were before meeting him, and realize what you deserve. You finally open your eyes and see how much he is taking you for granted.

You realize that someone else can treat you the way you deserve. That other person won’t make you feel invisible.

That’s why it’s ok to stop caring about him. It’s ok if your burning passion turns cold and your tender words turn sour. It’s ok to look at him and not feel anything. He taught you how to stop loving him.

He is the one to blame for leaving him now because he never gave you a reason to stay! So, it’s ok to no longer need the man who taught you how to be alone!

You are a strong, worthy, and valuable woman, so stop spending your time on someone who doesn’t appreciate your effort. It’s never too late to drift away from such person and find someone who will treat you the way you deserve.

Or, to enjoy life alone in the way you’ve always imagined. It’s your life, and it’s up to you how you’ll live it. Just don’t let anyone make you feel worthless or invisible.

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