9 Ways to Know If Our Friend Is Real or Fake

By Miley | Lifestyle

Sep 11

Can you say you have at least one friend who is always willing to help you without question, even if you call them in the middle of the night?

Well, true friendship is really rare today, perhaps even rarer than true love. You may think you have a friend in that person you know your entire life, but you can only see that when you’re at your worst.

Unfortunately, a lot of “friends” tend to disappear when you most need them, ignoring you as well as your problem.

This can disappoint you and hurt you like hell, but after a while, you’ll realize the great freedom that comes with discovering the fake friends in your life.

But, there are some friends who will do everything to help you and see you happy. They are hard to find, but if you already have one, make sure you cherish them and keep them in your life forever.

How to know if your friendship is true? Well, here are a few signs that indicate true friendship.

9 Signs of Real Friendship

1. They Accept Your Flaws

A true friend knows everything about you, including your flaws. And, they don’t try to change you, even though they may not agree with you.

That’s why you feel most relieved when you’re around them – you know you can be your true self without being judged. A true friend accepts you with all your vices and virtues.

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2. They Stick with You Through Bad and Good Times

That’s how you can tell your friend is real and not a fake one. A true friend will never leave you when you most need them. Instead, they will do everything that’s in their power to help you and see you happy again.

On the other hand, fake friends will stay as long as things go well with you. But, when you’re at your worst, they won’t hesitate to disappear. And, they won’t bother to pick up the phone or call you to ask how you feel or offer you help.

3. They Are Genuinely Happy for Your Accomplishments

You can easily recognize when someone’s not genuinely happy for your success. This person could criticize you or find something to point out that will diminish your happiness and confidence. A true friend doesn’t do that.

They are not jealous of your successes but feel happy for you. They celebrate your accomplishments and encourage you to keep up the good work.

4. You Feel Most Comfortable Around Them

You feel calm and comfortable around true friends even though they know your deepest secrets and wildest dreams. You know they won’t judge you, as they want to know everything about you, even the smallest details.

And, you feel happier and more alive than ever. On the other hand, spending time with a fake friend will only drain your energy and leave you stressed.

5. They Don’t Wait for You to Call Them First

A true friend doesn’t care if they were the one who reached out to you first the last couple of times. They know your friendship is not based on strict rules or schedules, but on mutual trust, love, and respect.

So, when they want to call you, they do it because they care about you and want to make sure everything’s ok with you.

6. They Are Always Honest with You

A true friend will do everything in their power to prevent you from doing something you’ll later regret. So, they won’t hesitate to tell you their honest opinion about something, even if you don’t like it at first.

Their honest opinion could also hurt you, but you’ll soon realize they only meant good for you, and you’ll appreciate them even more. Real friends help you make the right choices in life!

7. They Forgive You

True friendship means knowing the importance of forgiving. Both of you know that no one is perfect, so making a small mistake is not strong enough to ruin your friendship. You admit your mistake and apologize, and the other one forgives you; and vice versa.

8. They Never Talk about You Behind Your Back

If your true friend has something to tell you, they will confront you personally. They will never gossip about you with others, or talk bad about you when you leave the room.

They respect you, and that’s why they prefer a face-to-face discussion instead of gossiping. Their goal is to solve the problem instead of tarnishing your reputation.

9. You Have Countless Inside Jokes with Them

You’ve spent so much time with them which gave you countless, precious memories and inside jokes that only you two can understand. You can even laugh about nothing and create lifetime memories.

If you recognize these traits and behaviors in your friend, appreciate them more and make sure you treat them the way they treat you.