9 Ways Our Dads Had Helped Us to Become a Strong, Confident Women!

By gatewayadmin | Psychological Facts

Sep 10

The father-daughter relationship is unlike any other relationship, isn’t it? It’s special and unique, and very important for the daughter’s life.

It can have a huge impact on her life and even contribute to her confidence, self-image, self-esteem, and the opinions of men. All of this can help her become a strong, confident woman!

Here’s how:

1. She Sees Firsthand How Strong Men Treat Strong Women

Being raised by a good father means seeing how men should treat women. In a way, he teaches her what treatment to expect from other men in her life, and, how to treat them as well. It’s normal that her dad’s behavior will rub off on her over the years.

2. She Believes in Herself Because Someone Else Believed in Her First

Growing up with her father saying she can accomplish whatever she set her mind to, contributes to her confidence. In that way, he teaches her to focus on the things she can accomplish instead of those she is not capable of.

This prevents her from becoming frustrated, and it helps her to believe in herself.

3. She Learns That You Can Be Strong and Kind, Gentle, and Caring at the Same Time

Her dad made her realize that “strength” doesn’t reduce her ability to be kind, gentle, and caring. Real strength means you are strong and soft at the same time. It represents the ability and willingness to be there for other people – just like her dad was always there for her.

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4. She Learns Not to Fear Life

Her dad has always taught her not to fear any challenge that life throws at her. That’s why challenges don’t exhaust her but fuel her as she finds them exciting. She has learned from her father not to fear life and not to ignore problems, but to wake up and face them.

5. She Learns to Stand Up for Herself and Others

Being strong means you’re there for others, just like you are there for yourself. It means you have their back, you make their life happier, and you are there to celebrate their success and to help them get up when they fall.

Fathers who are always there for their daughters teach them to do the same thing for others. They help them become a reliable person anyone can count on.

6. She Learns the Power of Forgiveness

She’s made tons of mistakes, some small and insignificant and others big and life-changing. But, her dad was always there to offer his unconditional love, forgiveness, and advice. He made her realize that strong people accept you with all virtues and flaws.

In that way, he taught her to learn the importance of forgiveness.

7. She Learns to Keep on Going

By showing her not to be afraid of life challenges, the dad teaches his daughter to finish what she’s started. She learns to keep on going no matter how hard it becomes. For her, nothing is impossible; you just have to persevere.

8. She Learns Not to Accept Treatment She Doesn’t Deserve

She expects the people around her to treat her the way she deserves. Therefore, she doesn’t allow anyone to take advantage of her or walk all over her. She knows very well how people should treat her – her father taught her so.

9. She Knows She Has a Friend for Life

A dad who’s close to his daughter teaches her that she has a friend for life. He was always there for her – a shoulder to cry on, a friend to talk things out, and a buddy to laugh with.

She knows he is a good listener, a reasonable leader, and a great friend! And, he raised her to become the same person as himself.

What can you say about your relationship with your father? Is it a positive one that has helped you to become a stronger, confident woman, or a relationship that didn’t have a significant impact on your life and character?