The Man Who Gave The Best Job Interview Answer Ever. Genius!

By Gabriela | Entertainment

Sep 21
This Man Gave The Best Job Interview Answer Ever. Genius!

Thinking outside the box is what makes us different from the rest of the crowd. It means to think unconventionally, differently, or from a new perspective.

That way of creative thinking can help us find the solution or come up with a new idea that will impress everyone, including ourselves.

The joke we are about to tell is exactly about that – thinking outside the box. Try to guess the answer of the man whose answer got him the job he applied for. This was the only question every applicant received during a job interview.

And, only one applicant had the wisest answer that proved he is different than others.

Try to guess the answer and see if you think outside the box.

One man went to a job interview where he was asked to solve one moral dilemma. His response was genius. Here’s the dilemma:

“Imagine you are driving along in your car on a cold, stormy night.

Suddenly, you see three people at a bus stop:

  1. An old friend who happened to save your life in the past
  2. An old woman who’s sick and looks as she will die any moment
  3. The man/woman of your dreams

The thing is, you have a two-seater car, and you can only offer one person a ride.

Who would you choose?

Think carefully as this is a moral, ethical dilemma you should solve to get the job you want.

You could choose the old friend to pay him back for saving your life once. Or, you could choose the dying old woman and save her life. But, you may never get another chance to see an ideal dream lover as the person on the bus stop.

So, who would you choose?”

Out of 200 applicants, only one guy came up with a genius answer that left everyone speechless. He had no trouble coming up with the answer that got him the job he applied for.

You would love it, and you could actually use it to see who of your friends thinks most creatively.

The answer of the guy who got the job was very simple, but clever at the same time. Here’s what he said:

“I’d give my car to my old friend and ask him to take the old woman to the hospital. I would stay with the woman of my dreams on the bus stop to wait for her bus.”

Isn’t it clever? So, did you guess the answer? Do you think outside of the box? Feel free to tell us in the comments.

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