Anxiety Can Make People Think Everyone Hates Them…

By Miley | Inspiration

Sep 20

Living with anxiety is hard, and there are millions of people struggling with that emotional disorder. These people take everything personally, so when some friend doesn’t respond to their text message right away, they start making assumptions:

“I annoy them;” “They don’t want to talk to me;” “They don’t like me;” “They are ignoring me on purpose;” or “They hate me.”

They don’t want to be the first to call or send a text message since they are afraid of rejection. The very thought that someone saw their message and decided not to answer makes them sick. It makes them feel they are not important to them, that they are invisible.

And, even if that person answers to their message after a few minutes, they’ll still be worried. They’ll look into details and try to find the reason why the message is so short or sounds cold. They’ll worry if that person has answered only out of politeness.

Finally, they’ll regret sending the message in the first place.

They might know their friends for years, but they need them to constantly remind them of their love. If they don’t feel loved, they’ll start assuming that they have done something wrong to upset their friend.

They’ll worry if someone doesn’t want them as their friend anymore. They’ll even jump to the worst case scenario – that their friendship has come to an end.

Their anxiety makes them overthink everything. They overanalyze every conversation, trying to find out if the tone of the voice, gestures, and the very words had some hidden meaning. They worry if they’ve chosen the right words to say what they had to say.

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They worry if the other person will understand their point. If someone’s not free to hang out with them that weekend, they won’t believe their excuse. They’ll think that person doesn’t want to see them so they lie to be polite.

Their anxiety makes them think life has turned against them. It’s hard for them to be positive when they’ve been through so many embarrassing and awkward moments.

They never know what to say in social events. They are either too loud or too quiet. They can’t fit into the crowd since they don’t know how to behave like every ‘normal’ person.

They don’t know how to speak with family members or friends they’ve known for ages, let alone with strangers. They probably think everyone laughs at them behind their back.

That’s why it’s so hard for them to date. They are never the first person to call, or even to flirt back as they think the person is just nice and nothing more. They never hope too much, even when someone is obviously interested in them.

They think that’s just temporary and it’ll soon end. They think “The moment they see the real me, they will run the other direction.”

Their anxiety damages their self-esteem, which is why they doubt everyone around them. Even when someone says nice words to them, they don’t believe them. They can’t see how someone could love them for who they are.

So, when someone says they love them, they don’t believe them. They can’t find a reason why anyone would like to be with them.

Their anxiety prevents them from seeing their value. They are worth so much more than they think, but they can only see their flaws.

Things every person with anxiety should remember: This is just a phase, and you have to work hard to make it as short as possible. You are strong as you are dealing with this struggle every day. You are beautiful, and you are valuable!

You deserve nothing but love, respect, and appreciation, and you’ve got to let other people know your personality. Go to social events and try to spend as much time as possible with your friends and family.

Be grateful for the people and things you have in life, and accept yourself, flaws and all.