5 Tips to Raise a Good Kid, According to Harvard Researchers

By Gabriela | Lifestyle

Sep 12
5 Secrets to Raising a Good Kid, According to Harvard Researchers

Are you raising good kids? The truth is, every good parent does their best to see their kids happy and well. And, to see them become caring, responsible, and respectful adults.

But, society changes, technology improves, so the conditions in which kids grow nowadays make the raising part even more difficult for parents.

Before the Internet, iPhone, iPod, and computers, kids used to play outside. They used to hang out with their friends more, and spend considerably more time outside than kids today. Today’s parents need to raise their kids in a totally new world than the one they grew in.

So, how to raise well-adjusted kids in today’s crazy society? Human development researchers from the Harvard University share a few tips for raising well-rounded kids in these changing times. As they explain, a few elements are still fundamental.

Parents Who Raise Well-Adjusted Kids Do The Following Things:

1. They Spend Time with Their Kids

This may sound too simple, but it’s very important. With their hectic, 24/7 live, today’s parents rarely devote enough time to their kids. It’s easier for them to give their kid a smartphone, an Xbox, or at least a toy to keep them busy while they finish their tasks.

And, it’s not enough to just cook them breakfast and leave them to eat it alone, or to ask them how their day was at school. They should put everything down and find time to watch a TV show together, play some game, or spend quality time with them in the small park near their home.

And, they shouldn’t do this occasionally, but as often as possible. Parents should be interested in their kid’s hobbies and problems and find time to listen to what they have to say. Their kids will forget their toys and gadgets, but not the quality time spent with their parents.

2. They Are Strong Mentors and Solid Role Models

Kids pick up on the way their parents act. So, if parents practice values like humility, honesty, and contributing to the community, kids will do the same.

Parents should admit when they make a mistake and apologize, as only in that way kids will learn the importance of apologizing.

What’s more, they should encourage their kids to ask for help when they need assistance or advice and always to be attentive to others.

3. They Prioritize Being Kind

Parents should teach their kids to be kind to everyone, not only in the family but also at school and in the community. They should ask teachers if their kids are caring at school in order to have a better view of their kid’s behavior.

They should make them think about how others will be affected by their actions. This should be one of the parents’ top priorities.

4. They Give Their Kids Responsibilities as Opportunities to Be Caring

Parents should give their kids simple chores around the house to teach them that helping others is something they should do every day. They should often talk about the benefits of caring and helping each other.

Also, they should show appreciation and gratitude to them as a way to teach them the importance of expressing gratefulness to others.

5. They Help Kids Identify Feelings and Solve Problems with Self-Control

Parents should encourage their kids to show their feelings and provide them with helpful techniques to manage their control. They could teach them to count until they are calm, or take deep breaths.

Parents should always remind their kids to try to understand the feelings of other people by putting themselves in their shoes.

Do you agree with these tips? If you have any other advice on raising a good kid, feel free to share it in the comments.

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